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Ajay Kumar, Ph.D.

AJAY kumar

Assistant Professor, Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering





Research Interests

Kumar leads research in thermochemical conversion of biomass into fuels, chemicals and power. His primary research goals are to develop innovative experimental and modeling approaches to increase yields and efficiencies of biomass-derived products (drop-in fuels, chemicals and power), decrease the contaminant level, and improve reliability of the process models. His current projects include study on biomass characterization, reaction kinetics and fluidization of gasification, value-added utilization of biochar, synthesis and evaluation of biochar-based for syngas conditioning, and improving efficiencies of biomass pyrolysis.

“To best utilize our limited resources and maintain our standard of living, there is no alternative but to make ourselves less dependent on nonrenewable resources.”


Teaching Responsibilities


Key Publications

    1. Sharma, A. M., A. Kumar, K. N. Patil and R. L. Huhnke. 2013. Fluidization characteristics of a mixture of gasifier solid residues, switchgrass and inert material. Powder Technology. 235: 661-668.

    2. Pasangulapati, V., A. Kumar, C. L. Jones, and R. L. Huhnke. 2012. Characterization of switchgrass, cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin for thermochemical conversions. Journal of Biobased Materials and Bioenergy. 6(3):249-258.

    3. Pasangulapati, V., K. D. Ramachandriya, A. Kumar, M. R. Wilkins, C. L. Jones, and R. L. Huhnke. 2012. Effects of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin on thermochemical conversion characteristics of the selected biomass. Bioresource Technology. 114: 663-669.

    4. Sharma, A. M., A. Kumar, K. N. Patil, and R. L. Huhnke. 2011. Performance evaluation of a lab-scale fluidized bed biomass gasifier using switchgrass as feedstock. Transactions of ASABE. 54(6):2259-2266.

    5. Mudinoor, A. R., D. D. Bellmer, L. Marin, A. Kumar, R. Huhnke. 2011. Conversion of toluene (model tar) using selected steam reforming catalysts. Transactions of ASABE. 54(5):1819-1827.

    6. Kumar, A., Y. Demirel, D. D. Jones, and M. A. Hanna. 2010. Optimization and economic evaluation of industrial gas production and combined heat and power generation from gasification of corn stover and distillers grains. Bioresource Technology 101(2010):3696-3701.

    7. Kumar, A., D. D. Jones, and M. A. Hanna. 2009. Thermochemical biomass gasification: A review of the current status of the technology. Energies 2(3):556-581.

    8. Kumar, A., Y. Demirel, H. Noureddini, D. D. Jones, and M. A. Hanna. 2009. Simulation of corn stover and distillers grains gasification with Aspen Plus. Transactions of ASABE. 52(6):1989-1995.

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