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Nurhan Dunford, Ph.D., P.E.

Professor, oil/oilseed specialist
Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering
Robert M. Kerr Food And Agricultural Products Center 





Research Interests

Dunford’s research focuses on improving existing and developing new bioprocessing technologies; examining potential of non-food biomass as biofuel and bioproduct feedstocks; and advancing utilization of by-products/waste streams for biofuel production and value-added product development.

“Biofuels and bioproduct development research requires a multidisciplinary approach. This center brings together a group of researchers who possess diverse expertise. My goal is to contribute to the advancement of the research carried out in Oklahoma.”


Teaching Responsibilities


Key Publications

  1. Dunford, Nurhan T. and Su, Aihua. 2010. Effect of Canola Oil Quality on Biodiesel Conversion Efficiency and Properties. Trans ASABE, 53(3):993-997.
  2. Dunford, N.T. and Edwards, J. 2010. Health Beneficial Bioactive Components of Wheat Straw as Affected by Genotype and Environment. Bioresource Technology, 101:422-425.
  3. Dunford, N.T., Irmak, S. and Jonnala, R. 2010. Pressurized Solvent Extraction of Policosanol from Wheat Straw, Germ and Bran. Food Chemistry, 119:1246-1249.
  4. N.T. Dunford, A. Su and J. Morris. Potential of Jatropha and Syringa Oils as Biodiesel Feedstocks as Compared to Canola Oil. American Oil Chemists Society Annual Meeting and Expo, Orlando, FL, May 3-6, 2009, Abstract.
  5. Fact Sheets: FAPC-149: Biodiesel Glossary, FAPC-150: Biodiesel Production Techniques, FAPC-153: Oil and Oilseed processing I: Oilseed Handling, Storage and Pre-treatment, FAPC-159: Oil and Oilseed processing II:  Oil Extraction Techniques, FAPC-160: Oil and Oilseed processing III: Crude Oil Refining and Preparation for Biodiesel Production.
  6. Nurhan Turgut Dunford and Jerry. W. King. January 13, 2004. Supercritical Fluid Fractionation Process for Phytosterol Ester Enrichment in Vegetable Oils. U.S. 6,677,469 B1.
  7. Nurhan Turgut Dunford. 2005. Germ Oils from Different Sources. In: Bailey’s Industrial Oil and Fat Products, 6th Edition. Editor: F. Shahidi. John Wiley and Sons, N.J. Vol. 3, “Edible Oil and Fat Products: Specialty Oils and Oil Products”, Ch. 8, pp. 195-231.
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